Pasargad DC INC, with a showroom in Washington D.C., Virginia V.A. offer clients a vast collection of antique and antique reproduction carpets.

With three generations of experience Pasargad provides you with a variety of decorative rugs from India, Pakistan, China and Nepal in handspun wool and vegetable dyes.

Pasargad Selection
We specialize in Persian, European, Indian, Turkish and Caucasian designs, offering decorators and collectors choices such as Agras, Serapis, Sarouks, Kashans, Kirmans, Oushaks, Sultanabads, Savonneries, Kazaks, Qashqa'is, and Afshars.


Pasargad Quality 
Each rug or carpet is a truly timeless treasure capturing the elegance of the past. Sizes range from scatter to oversize. In addition, we carry a large collection of mansion size carpets.

Pasargad Service
We take great pride that the Pasargad name is one of the most respected in the industry. Established in 1904, Pasargad is a family owned business offering courteous customer service. Our in-house restoration and cleaning facilities are well known in the industry. If you or your clients are looking for a special carpet for your next design project, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.