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With over 100 years and four generations of experience, Pasargad offers expert in-house hand cleaning and restoration of your new, antique Persian and oriental rugs. Keep your rug in meticulous condition with one of the many services offered within our top of the line cleaning and restoration department.

A genuine hand knotted Oriental rug will last a very long time if you take a few precautions to protect it from premature wear and the most common kinds of damage. Common problems include water damage, moth damage, dog chews and cat scratching, pet stains, vacuum cleaner damage, chemical damage, sun damage, and uneven wear.

Our expert technician’s hand-treat each rug to ensure your rugs maintain perfect color and luster condition, for generations to come.

We provide expertise for:
Water Damage
-Insurance Claim Letters
-Appraisals for Insurance Companies 
-Shearing and Alterations
-Antique Wash
-Mold, Mildew and Odor Control


Q- How much does it cost?

A- Cleaning cost is determined by the size and the type of (i.e., hand made, machine made etc.) your rug and the cleaning process your rug needs.

Q- Can I save by bringing in my rug?

A- When you bring your rug in, prepay and pick up the rug yourself, you will save up to 15% on the cleaning portion of the services we provide.

Q- Do you have any specials going on now?

A- We have various discounts and specials at different times. Give us a call at 202-659-3888 for specials we may have right now.

Q- What type of rugs do you clean?

A-We clean almost all types including but not limited to handmade orientals such as new or antique Persian and Chinese rugs, kilims, dhurries, braided rugs, rag rugs, machine made rugs, tufted rugs, flokatis, synthetic fiber rugs, non handmade flat weaves and sisals.

Q- Is my rug handmade or machine made?

A- There are a number of differences between handmade, machine made (also known as power loomed) and tufted rugs. Here are some distinct elements you can look for.

Q- Can you get stains out?

A- Depending on the nature of a stain it may or may not be removable. Give us as many facts as you can about the stain. We will do our utmost to correct the problem.

Q- Can you remove pet stains?

A- Pet stain is acidic and its effect on the dye is permanent in most cases. However, we may be able to lighten up some urine stains.

Q- Can you remove pet odor from my rug?

A- Most definitely. In almost all rugs we guarantee the removal of odors from your rugs. More importantly we do not use masking agents to cover the odor.

Q- Can you remove mildew out of my rug?

A- No, mildew and musty odor is most difficult to remove from any rug. We do our best to correct the problem.

Q- How do you clean my rugs?

A- We clean rugs using mild detergent and cold water. All rugs get thoroughly dusted and vacuumed before getting a wash. Once all dust is removed, we proceed with the wash option you have chosen to clean your rug. In almost all cases the entire process is done by hand.

Q- Do you clean the fringe?

A- Absolutely. Fringes are usually dirtier than the rest of the rug due to excess traffic. So we pay special attention to them.

Q- Do you moth proof, deodorize and Scotch Guard™ rugs?

A- Yes we do.

Q- How long does it take to clean my rugs?

A- Depending on the type of cleaning: i.e., regular wash or a deep wash, it may take one to two weeks to clean your rugs.

Q- What if my rug is damaged or lost while at cleaning?

A- Your rug is fully insured for damages and accidents such as fire, theft etc.

Q- Do you repair rugs?

A- Absolutely. Whether you own a handmade or machine made rug, we can repair anything from tiny edging or fringe problems to major reweaving of holes. 

Q- Do you ship rugs?

A- Yes we can ship rugs worldwide.

Q- Where are you located?

A- Our address is 1217 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 20036

Q- Do you pick up and deliver?

A- Yes we do pick up and deliver rugs in the entire metro area. Call 202-659-3888 for details.

Q- What are your hours?

A- We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Saturdays, from 11 am to 5 pm.



When urine is first excreted, it is on the acid side of te pH scale and very easily removed. Within hours of being exposed to oxygen it turns to an alkaline pH. When this happens it will continue to increase in alkalinity to the point of becoming practically ammonia. This explains the ammonia-like odor.  At this stage the urine dramatically affects the dye structure of the carpet.

To clean the urine spot: Mix 1 part white viengar to 2 parts water and clean with a white terry towel. If you have a small extraction machine, it would be ideal to use it. DO NOT USE OVER THE CONTER SPOT REMOVERS OR ALL PURPSE CLEANERS ON URINE! YOU MAY SET THE SPOT PERMANENTLY! IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE REMOVING IT, CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 202-659-3888.

*Terms and Conditions may apply. Within 15 mile radius and minimum $100 invoice.